Admiral Sir Erasmus Gower


Sir Erasmus Gower

A biography in progress, by Ian Bates

Updated on 15 June, 2015 by Ian Bates - email me

I have now submitted a proposal to a prominent UK publisher and hopefully the project will be brought to fruition soon.


I have, for upwards of twenty-five years, been gathering material for use in a comprehensive biography of Admiral Sir Erasmus Gower, RN.

My manuscript, when fully drafted, ran to more than 480,000 words, which was far too long. After more than two years of editing it has now been reduced to an acceptable size and I am now seeking a publisher. It has not been an easy task to delete something like 300,000 words of hard-earned research material.

I decided to publicise this research project on the Internet in the hope that anyone who has primary source material, or who knows the whereabouts of such material, will contact me as a matter of some urgency so that all the records available can be given proper exposure in my book. So far the responses have been very gratifying, bringing in new information, especially about the sinking of HMS Swift in 1770.

As the project nears completion, I am still anxious to receive contact from anyone who believes they have access to, or knowledge of, possible sources of manuscript material, letters, images etc., relating to Sir Erasmus or his extended family.

It is known that many personal letters written (or received) by Sir Erasmus were sold or dispersed in 1958 and I am extremely keen to trace them, if possible.

All assistance, no matter how significant, will be acknowledged in my book. I have trawled the world's archives for snippets of the life of Sir Erasmus and I want to ensure that nothing of importance is missed, if at all possible.

Editing has been completed and the task of finding a publisher has now begun.

Updated on 25 February, 2015 by Ian Bates - email me

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