Some of our web site designs

Sage Old Books - Our new business website to eventually replace (see below)

Ian M Bates - Author - Ian's site to showcase his books.

Public Record Searches - Bob O'Hara and his team are professional researchers at the National Archives, Kew, UK. Ian has rebuilt their site from scratch, making it an effective marketing tool in a competitive field.

Vacation in the Cotswolds - Lauren and Andrew run a luxury accommodation in the popular Cotswolds region of the UK. Ian built the site from scratch and incoming business has exceeded the owners' expectations.

Historical Kin Kin Community Group pages - Ian built this website as a volunteer over six years for the Community Group. The group subsequently decided to set up a new site so this superseded website is stored here as an historical record of the fight the Kin Kin community waged against the establishment of the Kin Kin Quarry

Sage Old Books - Our original book related web site. Ian first built this site in 1998 and much of the code is now outdated. He plans to completely re-write the site to validate the code and update its appearance over the next few months. In the meantime the book restoration pages of our web site are our main source of business, proving that a well written and indexed web site can help even a small business to prosper.